Crushing it on Camera


Dive into the dynamic world of video creation with our streamlined course that empowers you to craft engaging and impactful videos in a fraction of the time it used to take. Discover the Hollywood Method, a game-changer that allows you to confidently produce content quickly and efficiently.

Unlock the secrets of Hollywood writers to ensure your audience is moved to action with every view. Learn our fail-proof strategy to keep your content fresh and boundless. Plus, master the art of authenticity and engagement with our “Professor Test,” guaranteeing your videos captivate and hold interest every time.

Avoid the cardinal mistake that most video creators make, which could cost you your audience's attention. Join us to transform your video creation process and make an indelible mark on your viewers.

Part 1: The 4 Steps to Crushing It On Camera

  1. Trust the Process
  2. Step 1: Who, What, Where
  3. Steps 2 & 3: Brainstorm & Trim The Fat!
  4. Step 4: Rehearsal
  5. Rehearsal Techniques For A Great Performance
  6. Over The Top Exercise!
  7. 3 Take Rule
  8. Secret Bullet Point Tip

Part 2: Shooting Techniques

  1. Shooting Techniques
  2. Lighting Setup Walkthrough
  3. Camera Phone: When to Use Back Camera Lens vs. Front Camera Lens
  4. Pattern Interrupts

Part 3: Facebook Live & Thrive

  1. How To Facebook Live & Thrive
  2. Tackling Your Fears to Go Live On Facebook
  3. Maximizing Your Facebook Live Engagement
  4. Facebook Live Framework
  5. How to do a Recap
  6. Conquering Your Anxiety and Going Live
  7. [BONUS] Do These 3 Things So You Don't Annoy Your Audience

Part 4: The Fundamentals of Storytelling

  1. Why Storytelling Is The Key To Converting
  2. Epiphany Bridge
  3. How to Capture People's Attention
  4. Share Your Flaws!
  5. The 4 Pillars of Story Structure
  6. Russell Brunson's Epiphany Bridge Questions

Part 5: Power of Storytelling

  1. The Power Of Storytelling
  2. Tony Robbins: Thanksgiving Story
  3. Performance For An Impactful Story
  4. It's All In The Details: For An Impactful Story!
  5. How To Make The Camera Your Best Friend
  6. Brené Brown TED Talk

Part 6: Creating Captivating Content

  1. Top 10 Content Categories (PLUS Top 10 Content Category)
  2. False Belief Framework
  3. Brain Dump

Part 7: Using Voice & Physicality to Exude Confidence

  1. Using Your Voice To Maximize Your Authority
  2. Vocal Warm Up #1: Stretch and Breathe
  3. Vocal Warm Up #2: Humming and Lip Trills
  4. Vocal Warm Up #3: Diaphragm
  5. Vocal Warm Up #4: Diction
  6. Vocal Warm Up #5: Yawn
  7. Your Body Is A Wonderland: Physicality
  8. Hype Yourself Up!
  9. Center Yourself for Ultimate Success

Part 8: It's Your Time to Shine!

  1. Watch Before Moving On

Part 9: BONUS – Using Video to Make Sales Easier

  1. The 90,10 Rule
  2. Increase Call Show Up Rate & Build Rapport with Clients

Part 10: 7 Figure Content Secrets with Kate Schnetzer

  1. The 4 E's
  2. 10X Your Content Overview
  3. 10X Your Content Demonstration
  4. Tech Optimization: Free Upgrades
  5. Tech Optimization: Lower Priced Upgrades
  6. Tech Optimization: Higher Priced Upgrades

Part 11: YouTubin' It Up with Liz Germain

  1. Intro to YouTube
  2. Basics of YouTube SEO
  3. Hub Help and Hero Content
  4. The Triangle Technique
  5. YouTube Channel Branding Basics
  6. Keyword Plugin Overview
  7. Quick Production Tips
  8. How To Title Your YouTube Videos
  9. Intro to YouTube Analytics

Part 12: Instagram Famous with Eli Vazquez

  1. Intro to Instagram!
  2. IG Story
  3. IGTV
  4. IG Post
  5. How To Maximize Traffic With One Video
  6. How to Format Your Videos
  7. Create Quality Content
  8. Optimize with Analytics
  9. How to Hashtag
  10. Equipment for IG Videos
  11. Wrap Up!

Part 13: Extra Tips from Fellow Students!

  1. Drewbie's Badass Birthday Videos!

Table of Contents

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