Guaranteed Methods to Befriend Anyone You Want


In the grand chessboard of life, where power and influence dictate the flow of events, one must become a maestro of human connections to navigate the treacherous waters of society.

To amass an army of loyal allies—your own “YOU Army”—is to secure a position of unmatched strength and influence. Herein lies a guide, reminiscent of the strategies expounded by Robert Greene, focusing on the cultivation of power and the orchestration of human relationships to your advantage.

1. Command the Stage: Keep the Other Person Talking

Talk to a man about himself, and he will listen for hours.

Benjamin Disraeli

The first maneuver in the grand strategy of alliance formation is to draw others out, to make them revel in the spotlight of your attention. In this act, you are not merely a participant in conversation; you are its director, guiding the discourse to reveal the ambitions, fears, and desires that lay hidden within your future ally.

This knowledge is power—the power to influence, to anticipate, and to weave these revelations into the tapestry of your grand design. Let them speak, and in their words, you will find the keys to their loyalty.

2. Mirror Their World: Be Their Reflection

To infiltrate the hearts and minds of those you seek to sway, you must become a chameleon, reflecting their essence back at them. This is the art of mirroring, a subtle yet profound technique of echoing their behavior, interests, and even speech patterns. In doing so, you craft an illusion of similarity, a bond forged in the fires of perceived kinship. This connection, however artfully constructed, convinces them of your shared destiny, making your goals their goals, your enemies their enemies. Through this mirroring, you not only gain allies but also embed yourself within their defenses, making your influence indistinguishable from their own desires.

3. Bestow Favors: Reward Their Behavior

Every interaction with a potential ally is an opportunity to bind them closer to you through the strategic bestowal of favors and praise. This is not mere flattery but a calculated form of operant conditioning, where their loyalty and actions in your favor are continuously rewarded. These rewards, be they verbal accolades or tangible benefits, create a cycle of dependency and gratitude. As you become the source of their validation, you also become the architect of their actions, guiding them subtly towards your aims. This cycle of reward solidifies their allegiance, transforming casual allies into fervent supporters.

4. Cultivate Magnetism: Being Likeable and Improving Likeability

In the theater of power, likeability is a weapon—one that disarms suspicion, bypasses defenses, and opens gates that force cannot. To enhance your likeability is to weave a spell of charm and attraction, making your presence a source of pleasure and your leadership a beacon. This magnetism, cultivated through acts of kindness, displays of empathy, and an unshakeable positivity, draws people into your orbit. Like moths to a flame, they are captivated, willing to follow where you lead, not out of coercion, but out of desire.

5. Wield Respect as a Shield and Spear

Respect is the bedrock upon which your army stands; it is both shield and spear in your quest for power. To command respect is to be seen as a leader worth following, one who values the worth and contributions of their allies while also demanding excellence. This respect is earned through actions that speak of your integrity, your commitment to the collective cause, and your unassailable position as the leader of the pack. In return, your army will not only respect you but will also defend your name in your absence, spreading your influence far and wide.

Conclusion: The Architect of Your Destiny

In the intricate dance of social dynamics, where every person you meet could be a potential ally or foe, mastering the art of influence is paramount. By employing these strategies, you are not merely making friends; you are building an army—a YOU Army—dedicated to the cause of your ascent to power. Remember, in the quest for influence, every interaction is an opportunity, every individual a potential soldier in your ranks. Forge your army with care, and the world will kneel before your might.

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