Content Creation: Text provides a complete toolset that helps Website Owners, Content Marketers, Writers, Publishers and any Copy Editor hit Publish with Integrity in the world of Generative AI!

AI Content Detection and More For Serious Web Publishers was founded by content marketing and AI experts who deeply understand publishers' needs. By focusing solutions on the world of Web Publishers, Originality AI has created the most accurate AI content detector with additional features that will allow you and your organization to hit publish with integrity… AI Plagiarism Checker, Fact Checker and Readability Checker.

Web Publisher – Take Control of AI-Generated Content

Are you looking for a reliable tool to ensure your content is original, free from plagiarism, fact-checked, and written by a human writer rather than AI?

Future-Proof Your Site on Google – Safeguard your website against potential penalties from Google by only publishing content with verified originality and accuracy.

Systematic Fact-Checking Assistance – Reduce the risk of publishing factual errors or AI-generated content systematically with our fact-checking solution.

Detect AI-Generated or Plagiarized Content – Easily identify if content was AI-generated or plagiarized, with all data stored in one accessible location, eliminating the need to rely on promises or waste time scanning manually.

Understand AI Usage Across Your Site – Analyze your entire website to gauge the risk of potential future AI updates from Google affecting your content.

Content Marketing Agency – Prove To Your Clients That Your Content is Original
Do you need to manage a big team and verify large volumes of content are NOT AI generated, factually incorrect or plagiarized?

Manage both client and writer expectations regarding the use of AI writing platforms. How much AI created content, if any, is acceptable to use?
Prove False Positives are wrong with Originality.AI’s free AI content detection chrome extension and its “watch a writer write” feature.
Demonstrate you have a process that reduces Factual Errors and/or AI Hallucinations.
Gain firm control over your organization’s editorial process with team management and report sharing
Enhance the likelihood of creating rank worthy content for your clients with our Readability checker

Key Features of Originality.AI
Having the most accurate AI content detector is the core feature of Originality.AI! Originality.AI is not just an AI-written text detector but a complete content creation quality control tool. It provides an easy-to-use Fact Checking Aid, AI Plagiarism Checker and a Readability Score Checker that provides the ideal scores to help you rank in Google. Think of Originality.AI as an overall quality tool helping ensure you have well-written content and avoid the pain associated with low-quality content.

ELICIT (research tool on academic papers)

Analyze research papers at superhuman speed

Automate time-consuming research tasks like summarizing papers, extracting data, and synthesizing your findings.

Elicit is an AI tool designed to locate “seed articles” for keyword and subject heading extraction. When you input a question, it suggests alternative questions that can lead to additional “seed” articles.

Developed by Ought, Elicit offers a range of searching features:

  • Utilizes language models to automate research workflows, including parts of literature review.
  • Finds relevant papers even without perfect keyword matches.
  • Summarizes key takeaways from papers relevant to your question.
  • Extracts essential information from papers.
  • Additionally supports tasks like brainstorming, summarization, and text classification.
  • Users can save and export their work to citation managers such as Zotero.

Sign up for a free account at

Use ELICIT to find research papers:

  1. Ask a question, and receive a list of relevant papers from our 200 million database.
  2. Get one-sentence abstract summaries for quick understanding.
  3. Choose relevant papers and explore more similar ones.
  4. Extract details from papers and organize them into a table.

help me write (google chrome extension)

Chrome gets a built-in AI writing tool powered by Gemini.

At its core, this Gemini-powered tool is essentially the existing “Help me write” feature from Gmail, but extended to the entire web and powered by one of Google’s latest Gemini AI models. The company first announced this new tool in January and it remains in its “experimental” phase, meaning you must explicitly enable it.

To get started, head to the Chrome settings menu and look for the “Experimental AI” page. From there, you can easily enable the new writing feature, as well as Google’s new automatic tab organizer (which I haven’t found particularly useful or smart so far) and the new Chrome theme manager). For now, the AI writer is only available in English on Windows, Mac and Linux. After that, right-click on any text field and select “Help me write.” You can use this to write something completely new and Gemini can also rewrite existing text.

One nifty feature here is that the tool will take into account the site you are on when it makes its recommendations. “The tool will understand the context of the webpage you’re on to suggest relevant content,” Google engineering director Adriana Porter Felt writes in today’s announcement. “For example, if you’re writing a review for a pair of running shoes, Chrome will pull out key features from the product page that support your recommendation so it’s more valuable to potential shoppers.”

As with the “Help me write” feature in Gmail, it’s easy enough to change the length and tone of the results, too.

It’s important to note that the text, content and the URL of the page you are using the service on will be sent to Google under its existing privacy policy. Google explicitly notes that this information “is used to improve this feature, which includes generative model research and machine learning technologies,” which includes a review process with humans in the loop. Caveat scriptor.