Sales: Verbal/Spoken Persuasion

Handling Objections

I’m responsible for selling [describe your product or service] and I want to make sure I fully believe in the offer, so I can stand the best chance of customers buying. Play the role of a skeptical and abrasive potential customer, with the goal of [describe the problem your customers are trying to solve with your offer] and raise your concerns, including [describe your niggles about your offer] by sparking a back-and-forth conversational dialogue. During the chat, ask me what I’m doing to address every concern and wait for me to respond. Keep digging with probing questions. At the end of the digging, summarize with a list of the changes I should make in order to genuinely believe in my product.

Creating the Vision

When a customer buys our

and it brings them the maximum benefit, it’s really amazing. The results include [describe the results your offer can bring people.] Turn what you know about my company and customers into a two-paragraph description of how this can transform their lives. Start with, “I’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when people sign up…” and continue to describe this scene. Be visionary, play to the human need for approval, safety, belonging and money when creating this narrative.