Media: Audio Generation

Voice Cloning

Tools Needed:

1. Audio editing software (e.g., Audacity, Adobe Audition): for snipping and trimming the raw audio file
2. Adobe Podcast (ONLY) as audio enhancer
3. WAV to MP3 converter (e.g., CloudConvert)



-Gather the audio file containing the speaker's voice.
-Install and set up the necessary tools mentioned above.

Segmentation of Speaker's Voice:

-Open the audio file in the chosen audio editing software.
-Identify and select segments where the speaker's voice is uninterrupted.
-Cut/trim the audio immediately before the speaker begins to talk and immediately after they finish speaking in each segment.

Save Segmented Audio:

-Save each isolated segment of the speaker's voice as separate audio files. Ensure each file contains only the speaker's voice without any interruptions.
-Then stitch or put all together the isolated segmented voice files into one audio file.

Audio Enhancement:

-Use Adobe Podcast only for best quality.
-Apply appropriate enhancements to improve the clarity and quality of the speaker's voice. Follow the instructions provided by the tool for optimal results.

Conversion from WAV to MP3:

-After processing, the audio files are typically saved as WAV files.
If necessary, convert the enhanced WAV files back to MP3 format for compatibility with various systems and applications.
-Use an online converter such as CloudConvert to perform this conversion. Upload the WAV files and convert them to MP3 format.

Keep detailed records of the steps taken and any settings applied during the process for future replication or troubleshooting.

Processed and enhanced files saved in MP3 will be mostly sent via email with a Google Drive link.