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Reddit Insights ai (PLUG-IN)

Reddit Insights is a tool designed for keyword research on Reddit. It is super easy for you to find content ideas your competitors aren't writing about… for FREE.

It works by scraping questions from specific subreddits related to a chosen keyword. After gathering these questions, the tool cleans and organizes the data to provide a clear and concise output. This process helps in understanding the common inquiries and topics of interest within a subreddit, centered around the selected keyword.

Additionally using Keyword insights to group them together for better insights.

Discover Hidden Keywords:

  • Find keywords that standard SEO tools may overlook, giving you an advantage in content strategy.

Generate Unique Content Ideas:

  • Explore content ideas your competitors may miss, helping you stand out in content creation.

Community-Driven Insights:

  • Understand specific audience discussions and questions, enabling tailored content creation.

Use Your Own API Keys:

  • Simplify research with our tool, which organizes Reddit data efficiently, saving time.

Free Access:

  • Access Reddit Insights' full capabilities without any charges, democratizing advanced SEO.

Privacy Priority:

  • Your API details are kept confidential, ensuring your privacy as we don't store sensitive information.

In under 2 minutes, uncover a goldmine of questions from subreddits that traditional keyword tools overlook, setting you apart from competitors. Grab this at the Chrome Web Store.

This plugin gives you unique insights about behavior and preferences of other Redditors

Reddit Insights, a browser extension that enhances your Reddit experience. With this extension, you can easily access the online behavior of any Reddit user you encounter.

The extension automatically scans all their past comments & submissions and calculates the top five subreddits they visit based on engagement. All submissions and comments are also sent to Perspective API for analysis, providing valuable insights into users' toxicity and incivility levels.

These scores are displayed only if they exceed a threshold of 75%. The development of Reddit Insights is based on the scientific principle that enhancing the humanization of others leads to more productive and positive online discussions. The extension is open source and also available on GitHub.

type prompt ai

Type Prompt allows you to create engaging social media content with AI-driven hook prompts.
Generate human-like social posts instantly using our AI-driven hook prompts. This allows you to consistently create amazing content.

Cheat Code For Writing LinkedIn Replies/Blogs/Threads
Instantly generate human-like social posts with our AI-driven hook prompts. Transform your topics into polished writing with one-click.

Create Engaging Content With Viral Hook Templates
We’ve meticulously decoded the strategies of leading influencers and distilled them into customizable templates, ready for you to create content that captivates and skyrockets in popularity.

Viral Hook Templates

Thought Leader Profile X / Twitter Thread Curate timeless stories and insights from inspiring individuals.

Companies X / Twitter Post Explore the best companies in a specific category of all time.

Topic 101 LinkedIn Post Utilize your unique knowledge to make an impact in your industry.

Enough Procrastinating Essay Share challenging steps individuals should take for success.

Best Tools X / Twitter Thread Highlight the top tools for your audience to explore.

Creative Revelation X / Twitter Post Reveal how a quirky activity sparked a new idea.

Helpful Life Lessons LinkedIn Post Share valuable lessons learned throughout your life.

Career Mistakes Essay Guide readers to avoid common mistakes through your experiences.

Book Curation X / Twitter Thread Compile a list of must-read books for your audience.

Controversial Take X / Twitter Post Stir engagement with a bold perspective on a trending topic.

Curated Frameworks LinkedIn Post Translate top influencers' mental models into digestible content.

Reason Most People Fail Essay Explore the key reasons behind failure to achieve desired outcomes.

Enhance Your Posts With Content Psychology Type Prompt AI prompts utilize the four types of content that deeply resonate to foster a strong, loyal following.

Educate Me Turn complexity into clarity for your followers with informative content.

Entertain Me Generate content that delights and captivates, bringing a smile into your follower’s lives.

Challenge Me Create content that provokes thoughtful debate, inviting your audience to engage.

Empathize with Me Connect deeply with content that understands and is relatable to your community.


StealthGPT the first and best undetectable AI on the market! We're confident our platform will unlock your content creation process and allow you to tap into truly undetectable AI content!

Did you know that StealthGPT is the only Undetectable AI tool that beats turnitin?

Undetectable AI
The Ultimate AI Bypasser & Humanizer

Humanize your AI-written essays, papers, and content with the only AI rephraser that beats Turnitin.

Undetectable AI

StealthGPT is the first AI-powered tool dedicated to generating Undetectable AI Content. Since AI’s massive adoption there has been a widespread effort to make ai content detectable. Many AI detectors such as GPTZero, TurnitIn, Winston AI, and others are propping up. Now though, after many months of engineering, StealthGPT has perfected the art of utilizing AI to make Undetectable AI generated content. It knows exactly what AI detectors are looking for and understands their methodology so it can avoid detection with pinpoint accuracy. Not only does it bypass the AI detectors but it also produces content in such a way that it is uniquely different each time a response is generated, thereby also avoiding plagiarism issues.

It is also the only service to date that openly gives users the option to upgrade to the most powerful GPT engine available. Ever since ChatGPT went viral in late 2022 there was a massive effort to detect AI generated content. StealthGPT, the first project to create Undetectable AI content, began in early 2023 and since then others have joined in the fight to provide similar kinds of content.

transistor AI Transcription (POdcast)

Transistor uses AI to generate incredibly accurate transcripts for your podcast episodes.

Now, you can transcribe your podcast episodes without leaving your Transistor dashboard. Introducing the newest feature: AI speech-to-text transcription.

Get the most out of your podcast by automatically converting your audio into engaging, searchable, and accessible text. Transistor transforms your spoken words into accurate, readable text in just minutes. Easily make changes to your transcript and assign speakers using Transistor's transcript editor.

Simplify your podcasting process. Save time with Transistor's automatic transcription. Focus on creating great content while we handle transcriptions quickly and accurately.

Key Features:

  • Fast, precise transcription powered by AI.
  • Edit transcripts easily using Transistor's intuitive interface.
  • Export transcripts in various formats: plain text, SRT, VTT, JSON, and HTML.

Automatic Speaker Detection: Transistor automatically identifies speakers. When you edit a speaker's name, Transistor updates the entire transcript accordingly.

Timestamps linked to audio
Listeners can browse episode transcripts on your website to find the exact timestamp for key moments. They can then share that timestamped URL with others.

Why does my podcast need a transcript?

Transcripts are no longer just a nice-to-have feature; they're a must-have for any serious podcaster. With Transistor's support and new AI transcription feature, adding transcripts to your podcast episodes has never been easier.