Business Automation

bardeen ai (chrome extension)

Chrome extension for workflow automation used by 200k+ users worldwide. Use AI to automate repetitive tasks in apps like Google Sheets, Zoom, Slack, Notion, etc.

Bardeen is an automation app to replace your repetitive tasks with a single shortcut and control your webapps from anywhere. Explore our integrations with your favorite apps and hundreds of pre-built playbooks that help you stay in the flow!

Explore Use Cases


  • Automate notifications, joining meetings, sending email reminders, and scheduling.


  • Streamline lead generation processes and data extraction to accelerate growth.


  • Source candidates ten times faster using platforms like LinkedIn, Github, and others.

Sales & Prospecting:

  • Quickly build prospect lists, enhance CRM efficiency, and improve personalized outreach.

Product Development:

  • Efficiently create, manage, and locate tasks while ensuring team communication.

Data Research:

  • Extract data from websites directly into spreadsheets and applications, and develop scraper templates swiftly.

Personal Productivity:

  • Minimize distractions and automate mundane tasks to focus on creative endeavors.

Build Your Own:

  • Explore endless possibilities and create custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Bardeen AI effortlessly automate tasks in apps you use for work. No clunky builders or complex interfaces,  just tell Bardeen what you want to do.

The ability to automate almost any possible task, be it scraping data from websites or initiating events based on triggers. Furthermore, it provides pre-built playbooks and autobooks that can be further edited per my needs, saving time in creating new triggers and events.

click ai (QA automation)

Click Ai automates your workflow with maintenance-free QA automation

The Fastest Way to Automate QA
Just show the AI the flow you want to automate and instantly get maintenance-free QA automation. No other skills required.

Discover how Click AI can enhance your test automation experience.

  1. Precision: No amateurishness; the AI performs tests exactly as demonstrated.
  2. Speed: 24x Faster Test Creation; AI doesn't mean slow, the test runner is swift like Playwright.
  3. Versatility: With full access to browser and NodeJS environment, enjoy Unlimited Capabilities including making API calls and generating data.
  4. Adaptability: Free your time from test maintenance; the system automatically adjusts to changes in your app – Self-Healing.
  5. Integration: Seamlessly Integrate With Your Pipeline by connecting with CI/CD, bug tracking, and collaboration tools.
  6. Efficiency: Upgrade Your Team with test automation skills in just 1 day.