AI Voice / Phone Agents Script Generation

Opening Line: Begin with a clear and engaging opening line. For instance, “Hey, it's Ashley from House Fox. You had spoken with one of our team members a while back about possibly selling your house. Do you remember that?”

Handling Responses: Based on the prospect's response, you may proceed with the conversation or respectfully end the call if they're not interested. Ensure you have a prompt to quickly get off the phone in such cases.

Importance of Transparency

AI Disclosure: Early in the conversation, clarify that the prospect is speaking with an AI. This honesty tends to improve the flow of conversation, as people adjust their expectations and communication style, knowing they're interacting with AI.

Explaining Potential Lags: Inform prospects that any delay is due to the AI's reliance on external servers, like ChatGPT, which might experience high traffic. Highlight ongoing efforts to minimize dependence on external servers for a smoother experience.

Engagement Strategies

Immediate Verification: Verify essential information, such as the prospect's address, to maintain engagement and personalize the conversation.

Incentivization: Offer a compelling reason for the prospect to continue the conversation. For example, mention that speaking with the AI can expedite their priority call setup, effectively “skipping the line.”

Appointment Scheduling

Booking Appointments: Aim to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. This captures the lead effectively, making the prospect feel prioritized.

Further Engagement: After booking the appointment, ask if the prospect has a few more minutes to provide additional details. This not only enriches the lead information but also builds rapport.

Enhancing Call Quality

Managing Off-Topic Conversations: Incorporate guardrails in your script to steer the conversation back on track if it deviates. This ensures the AI remains focused on the core objective of buying or selling a house.

Voice Selection: Stick with original voice options for stability and reliability, as newer voices might introduce unpredictability and lag.

Script Stability: Address actions like call transferring or ending calls with specific prompts to avoid premature or unintended actions.

Maximizing's Potential

Rapid Call Capability: Emphasize's ability to make thousands of calls swiftly, highlighting its efficiency over traditional methods. This speed allows for quicker lead generation and a competitive edge.

Honesty and Clarity: Always be transparent with prospects about interacting with an AI. This transparency fosters patience and understanding, especially regarding any technical limitations like lag.