If you've been involved in the pickup community for a while, you've probably heard of RSD Vegas Immersion and the program being run by Luke Krogh.

If not, it's a 7 and 30-day immersive program run by him and his lead instructors, Hancel, Terrence, and a few others. Our instructor Justus used to work for this program before realizing we were better off on our own.

Does it work? And does it get results for guys?

Here is our in-depth review of the Vegas Immersion Program; having been in it for two months and met and befriended some of the guys personally.

The Pros: Benefits & Strengths of RSD Immersion

  • Luke knows what he's talking about. He is a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to anything nightlife in Las Vegas. He's the go-to guy for anything involving getting laid in Sin City.
  • It's based in Sapphire nightclub, which is pretty cool. You'll feel like you're part of an exclusive environment as you're taken into the back of the biggest strip club in the world to learn how to dominate social circle game. The vibe is enough to make you feel like something internal is being done.
  • It's life-changing to the core. Vegas Immersion lives up to its name by being a truly immersive 5 day-week program. You'll learn key exercises in the club that put you into state and the ability to pull. You'll also meet up during the day, learn day game, and break down your nights to your coach, which will probably be Hancel.

The Cons

  • It's not being run by Luke anymore. He makes a guest appearance here and there but is coming less often. This is becoming a Hancel-led program, which is fine, but don't go into this expecting to get personal coaching with RSD Luke anytime soon. And when he does show up, talks are not structured, and he kind of riffs on whatever topic he feels like that day.
  • It's not too personalized, which can slow down growth. RSD Immersion makes it clear that they are not a boot camp but more of a group class that extends over time. This makes it hard to get personal guidance and accelerate progress in game. You'll get 15-20 minutes per night with each coach before he's on to the next student in the club. Immersion is cheap, and you get what you pay for.
  • One-on-ones and infields are available and cost extra.
  • The coaches only have average game. These guys spent some time in the program, showed themselves to be top 10%, and were then asked by Luke to come and coach for free. They do care about your results, but they're not the truly elite guys you want in your corner. We've had friends told by coaches that they weren't allowed to come when students were there. It was because my friends were crushing it more than they were, drawing too much attention.
  • No VIP tables, cabanas, or extras are included at this time. With Alpha Pickup, this kind of stuff is standard for us.


Las Vegas is the hub for anything nightlife, game, women, parties; you name it. For this reason, many men are coming to the city to meet beautiful women and learn the skills necessary to take them to their hotels.

Pickup artists are everywhere. But the programs are limited and not too common. Vegas Immersion is good simply because, up till now, it was one of the only major players in the seduction community. It's good, but it needs a LOT of work, and there are major key areas it needs to improve.

Alpha Pickup is highly structured, and we churn out Alpha Males on command with a proven step-by-step process that works. And we're the guys stealing the women from these coaches night after night.

With Alpha Pickup, you'll spend real personalized time with the coaches, get exclusive VIP tables and bottle service, and be armed with a natural structure that you can take home to dominate any social circle.

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